Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines 

by Nic Sheff | Memoir

Paul Michael Garcia is the perfect choice for narrator; his stern and entirely believable voice captures the desolation in Sheff's tale. His reading is wonderfully underplayed, and necessarily so. Garcia becomes Sheff, offering a gritty and raw performance that demonstrates just how dire the circumstances surrounding Sheff's existence really were.

~Publishers Weekly


by Blake Crouch | Mystery & Suspense 

Narrator Paul Michael Garcia’s strong pacing captures the plot twists, never getting in the way the Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke struggles to uncover the truth of the town of Wayward Pines, Idaho. Garcia’s accomplished narration skills are on display as Burke seeks to find out what happened to two federal agents who disappeared in the town a month earlier.


~AudioFile Magazine


Jepp, Who Defied The Stars

by Katherine Marsh | Young Adult Young Adult 

Paul Michael Garcia is superb as he uses subtle touches to give each character a unique flavor. His voice for the well-known astronomer Tycho Brahe is especially skillful. Katherine Marsh has written a fascinating story, and Garcia’s performance is icing on the cake.

Earphones Award Winner

~AudioFile Magazine

Low Boy

by John Wray |Fiction 

Narrator Paul Michael Garcia sounds involved from the very beginning of this story and never allows even the slightest moment of it to slip away from him. As the troubled youth, Will, Garcia delivers a transcendent performance that will be deeply affecting to listeners. As the boy's mother, Violet, Garcia scales back his delivery, presenting a broken-hearted character wrought with desperation as she searches for her son and keeps a secret

Earphones Award Winner

~AudioFile Magazine

Panorama City

by Antoine Wilson | Fiction 

 Paul Michael Garcia displays his award-winning narrating skills by capturing both the humor and poignancy of this deceptively simple hero. With a straightforward delivery, Garcia conveys the wonder and confusion Oppen, a self-described "slow absorber," feels as he carries out his quest to become a "man of the world."  This quick, enjoyable listen brings credit to both author and narrator.

~AudioFile Magazine

The Bells

by Richard Harvell | Fiction 

Narrator Paul Michael Garcia deftly draws listeners into the life of Moses Froben, a poor boy born in the Swiss Alps, the son of a deaf-mute church bell-ringer, who becomes one of Europe’s most renowned castrati singers. Garcia’s narration brings the book’s distinctive characters to life, from the delicate phrasing of Moses to the low rumble of the giant monk Nicolai.  

~AudioFile Magazine

The Word Exchange

by Alena Graedon | Mystery & Suspense 

Dig out your dictionary for this chilling story of a word virus, performed flawlessly by Tavia Gilbert and Paul Michael Garcia. Garcia delivers the entries of Bart, who is on a mission to find Johnson while fighting the word flu. In a deep, steady voice, Garcia portrays Bart's passion for Anana and life in general. Polysyllabic words, requiring dictionaries, are the norm until they're garbled by the word flu. This warning about dependence upon technology is performed without a hitch. 

Earphones Award Winner

​~AudioFile Magazine

Monkey Mind

by Daniel Smith | Biography & Memoir  

Expressive and immensely entertaining, Paul Michael Garcia’s narration captures every nuance in the author’s witty take on the many faces of anxiety. It’s a performance that propels the mission of this carefully drawn memoir...

...but because of the author’s sensibilities and Garcia’s extraordinary performance, this is an audio that will inspire a lot of productive reflection on how to live with an anxiety disorder.

Earphones Award Winner 

​~AudioFile Magazine


by Chuck Palahniuk | Fiction  

Paul Garcia delivers Tender's tale in a resigned tone that gives him depth as he delivers his story from a crashed plane. Garcia's gentle voice combined with Palahniuk's prose helps listeners enjoy this audiobook without effort. Garcia excels in the straight, almost emotionless, delivery he uses for some of the story's funniest lines.

~AudioFile Magazine